Makin Masr believes in the continuous professional development of personnel and provides opportunities for employees to grow. The focus is on organizational excellence and a flexible workforce. Care is taken to ensure that the work is clearly defined and evenly distributed. Great importance is given to building a healthy work environment and delivering residential accommodations for relaxation and recreational use. We keep our employees motivated and empowered by means of various benefits


Makin Masr is committed to incorporate the most qualified and experienced candidates to its workforce by complying with industry guidelines and government directives to employ local citizens wherever possible and suitable. Available vacancies in our organization are advertised on websites as well as in leading newspapers.

  • Available vacancies

1) Site Engineer [ With Experience from 3-5 Years ]

2) Technical Office engineer [With Experience from 3-5 Years ]

3) Executive Supervisor [With Experience from 3-5 Years]

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